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The 4 pillars of the Mindful Communication Method


The physical aspect of communication refers to your body posture and facial expressions that make up the silent majority of your conversations a whooping 60%! Being mindfully aware of your body posture and how you experience your bodily sensations and signals presently will give you incredibly leverage to communicate with more confidence.


Your pitch of voice and rhythm accounts for up to 30% of your conversation. Within the rhythm and pitch you transmit your emotions that is alive in the body and that is received by the other person as subconscious frequency. Being mindfully aware of the pitch and rhythm your words will leave your mouth with more care and give you more control over how your conversation is shaped.


A meager 10% of your message is determined by the words you use. Words (including thoughts) are influenced by your body posture and emotion. Being mindfully aware of the story you tell can give you the edge you need. By mindfully choosing the right wording to build your story right and fit your rhythm and posture to make your conversation great and to trigger your desired vision in your listener’s minds eye.

Living Space

Being present of your space in the here and now unattached or equanimous, meaning free from automatic unconscious and habitual reactions gives you the power to chose your response consciously. This will help you guide your physical signals, tonality and choice of words presently to your intended outcome with easy and free from emotional outbursts most people wish they wouldn’t have.

20% about communication is what you know. 80% of communication is how you feel about what you know” – Steven Covey

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“Its not what you say it’s how you say it”

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"Communication is to relationships is what oxygen is to life is. Without it, it dies"

“People don’t buy goods and services.
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