February 25, 2015

Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth

Tim you are like a little Buddha, thanks for your advice and the time we spend. My game has started to explode and my performance has reached new dimensions. Thanks buddy!
Troy –Golf Professional

Thank you Tim for guiding me through my wedding preparations your calm attitude and cool headed coaching kept my sight clean and the focus on the important, my wedding, and how I experience it in my mind. I don’t know how it would have ended without you. Thank you so much you made my special day even more special. (Translated from German into English)
Steffi – Bride

Good work and thanks for the fast response. That is what Brisbane lacks is people with drive.  No doubt there will be more work in the future. Thank you Tim                                                                      Greg – Business owner

Using a reliable service provider who actually cares about our business is quiet refreshing. Tim has a knack of providing the right energy, tools and techniques to make my job as being the motivational leader of my team so much easier. Thanks Tim!                                                                           John -Sales/Marketing

I never thought I would be able to perform my jokes in front of a judging crowd and be any good. But I did and I got to the finals and won the competition. Tim you’re a star, thanks bro!
Dan -Comedian

In one word “empowering” Coaching has really helped me to move into my identity fully. I am now more determined and motivated to take the lead in creating a better work/life balance which enhanced my performance at work and brought about a better quality of my life. The additional bonus is that I can use is my new found awareness and new ways of thinking in all areas of my life. Thank you Tim for the challenging but life enhancing time we spend.
Megan -Model

I never really thought this stuff you do would work on me but it did and it turned the tables.  But not only this, to my amazement I discovered that there is infinitely more to life than what meets the eye. My sales are coming in and I am happier than I ever was with my abundantly growing future unfolding right before me. Thanks Tim!
Liya -Sales/Marketing

Thanks Tim the time we spend. It has definitely helped me to put my mind at ease with a number of negative thoughts that have been looming in my mind forever. It has given me realignment and steps of what needs to be done and how to get there in accordance with my own personal values.
Brendan –Event Manager

The sessions were customized to my own personal situation and I felt that I could be straight forward and open with Tim to get the most out of my coaching. I have been on courses and read huge amounts of self help books but found that I was still stuck. Although I understood all of this on an intellectual level I was missing the experiential. Working with Tim gave me the knowhow that I could easily adapt and move forward. It is really useful to have someone working with you on your own goals and providing you with support and guidance specifically related to you. I found it very motivational and informative and it definitely gave me the confidence to move forward in the right direction.
Belinda –Real Estate Agent

I would certainly recommend the smart program to another colleague or friend because the sessions are tailored to suit you and take you closer to what you want. Working with Tim showed me how to go about achieving my goals. It’s also a way to take a closer look at limiting habits, perceptions and beliefs in a safe, non judgmental and non-threatening setting. If you’re not clear about what you want, then coaching can be a great way to assist your exploration.
Joel –Entrepreneur

Tim is incredibly intuitive, often picking up perceptions and points of views that I had no idea I held. With a fun and creative approach, he gets me to create results and achieve my goals and dreams. Opportunities just started opening up before my feet! I can truly say that I have achieved amazing heights in a very fast time period that I never thought I could do. It is truly amazing to see what we are capable of as human beings when we tap into our own power.
Amy –Artist

I got many great and helpful things from today but the number one thing that I got from today’s workshop is the reminder to be in the present moment and the key tools to make it happen.

I never realized how important and pivotal Coaching can be Tim thank you. I found your work to be awesome, wise, insightful and practical. Somehow I not only revealed my true self and our nature of being human but also moved forward and started to materialise my dream. I truly enjoyed your help and admire your passion for growth, by far, one of the best decisions I have ever made.
Chris –Fashion Designer

Tim’s high energy coaching input was immediately noticeable even after just a few initial sessions with me. This very significant impact and accompanying improvement continues.
Claude -Business Owner

Coaching with Tim allowed me to figure out how I could synchronise my interests and education to have a career that I enjoy and that gives me what I want!  I have always wanted to have my own shows but fear prevented me from taking the steps necessary to make it happen. Working with Tim gave me the inspiration and tools to explore the possibility of having my own shows and the confidence that I needed to succeed.  Tim supported me heaps in making my dream reality!
Charles –Producer

I wasn’t sure if coaching was what I needed to help me to turn my life around, but after only 2 sessions of working with Tim a transformation was taking place in my life. Now I love getting up in the morning, I take joy in being with my family, and I am allowing myself to enjoy the journey.  Tim’s guidance, support, and honest feedback has taught me to embrace myself and live life in the moment.
Hazel -Mother

Life coaching has been a very positive experience for me and has helped me to be more confident in finding direction and be happier in my life. It is something that I will use again in the future.
Angela –Student