How to make a great first impression

How to make a great first impression

How to make a great first impression

Meeting new people can be difficult awkward silence and uncomfortable eye contact, people staring at their feet or fiddling nervously.

But, as people we are always looking to expand our social circle, especially in the professional arena of life, networking, social events and working with different departments are common requirements in today’s workplace.

Since the dawn of time bonding with others is a human trait to expand our social network. We have done it to hunt together and cook together or protect or community and create trade and network.

Bonding with others is beneficial not just socially and financially, but also emotionally and physically. By having a better network of people our stress levels recede and we might even stand the chance to live a longer healthier life, so bonding with others is overall healthy.

Now that we agree how important and natural bonding is professionally and personally, we see that it can open new job opportunities, help us to meet that new partner or make that important connection to seal the deal, or it can help us to simply be invited to more BBQ’s. We want to keep in mind that first impressions count. So how do you connect better with people in just 60 seconds?

Boy language of course accounts for the majority of how we connect with others so it is crucial to pay attention to our posture, facial expression and eye clues.

We want to transmit a feeling of openness and approachability.

  • Stand with your heart open to the other person to suggest a readiness and sincerity to having the conversation. An open posture suggests that you are non-aggressive and friendly.


  • Hold a warm eye contact, smile and create a positive energy and give the feeling of receptiveness, this will allow the other person to also drop their guard.


  • This creates a warm and welcoming mood, open the conversation with this energy, introduce yourself by saying your name like Hi my name is… then allow the other person to also introduce themselves. Lean slightly forward and repeat their name by saying something like ‘it is nice to meet you’ and repeat their name. This will help you to remember their name better too and build rapport, everyone loves the sound of their name.

Giving the first right impression is key to building relationships, so make sure you don’t undermine yourself by sending the wrong body language signals. Body language does not just speak to the other person but it also helps you to feel more confident and connected within.

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