November 17, 2015

Our Values

Education – Know more Do more Be more

Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind, Einstein said. Is the act or process of acquiring knowledge, developing powers of reasoning, evaluation or judgement, and generally preparing oneself and others intellectually for a mature and prosperous life. With this said it is also one of the most empowering feelings you can know, the feeling to be able to figure out, understand and lead your life to the max, to grow and evolve.

Empowerment – be the change you want to see

As Gandhi said be the change you want to see in the world. Real change becomes possible when your thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions are aligned and in synchronicity like a harmonising musical.
Then walking the talk becomes fun and brings joy to you and others around you. Empowerment synergises energies from within and without and inspires and creates new possibilities.

Efficiency – do less achieve more

Doing less and achieving more is creating synergy. Creating a effective system that works for you will save you time energy and money, this is the highest goal and kept simple achieves the
impossible sometimes even with little fuzz and stress. Stress anxiety frustration and its brothers and sisters are at the forefront if no clear path is visible.
Having a plan by creating a map and following effective guidelines through the terrain is the fast track to success in any area of life.

Fun – don’t do it if it’s not fun

The fastest way to learn new things in any area is having fun while doing it. Fun is the mother of motivation, inspiration and positive life changing choices.
Fun even creates a healthier body, it assists the brain to think further and faster and see more possibilities. Fun is the gateway to higher happiness and greater achievement.
That is why the talk’s seminars and programs are built on having fun and enjoying what we do to the fullest to gain the most from it.

Fearlessness – punch fear in the face

Doubt, insecurity and negative self-talk (the ingredients of fear) are the kryptonite to your superman that’s why having no fear is so important to us! Fear turns us into a smaller version of who we truly are.
Real power comes through courage and determination, humility, gratitude and love. But courage and its associates only replace fear after the deed has been done that is why we value fearlessness.
It is not the absence of fear but the predominance of courage we say punch fear in the face and do it anyway!