February 25, 2015



Our Purpose

MindCom is a strategic communications training organization. Our main purpose is to help you facilitate positive change and create progress through mindful communication. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to create understanding through communication and to empower individuals and teams. To help develop conflict management skills when dialoguing with others and to create positive choices moving forward. 

We invite you to champion a mindset that is competent and confident based on reality as it is and a physical presence that captivates and inspires.

Our Mission

We strive to help you to connect with anyone, anywhere in a way that gets everyone’s needs met. Our training program supports your growth through a structured and methodical approach to achieve your desired goals and objectives.


Our Values


Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind Einstein said. It is the process of acquiring knowledge, developing powers of objective reasoning and preparing for a better communication result.


Real progress becomes possible when your thoughts feelings emotions and actions are in harmony. Just like a great piece of music, great communication inspires from within.


Mindfulness is the basis of doing less and achieving more. Becoming aware of the emotional dynamics that underly communication you can say goodbye to negative stress and hello to achieving in a new way.


The fastest way to learn is to enjoy what you set your mind to and play is the mother of inspiration.
Fun even creates a healthier body – it assists the brain to process information more effectively and create more possibilities to unlock hidden potential. We take laughter seriously.  


Doubt and negative self-talk are the kryptonite to your superman. Fear turns us into a smaller version of who we truly are. Your true power comes through courage and determination. The ability to remain present and empathetic under pressure unlocks your personal power. 


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