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Turning Complaints into opportunities

What’s involved?

Learn to define complaints effectively and reduce the situational stress by taking custody without an attachment of your customer’s mental state on both the emotional and cognitive level. Discover the issue together, and use the mindful communication method problem-solving skills to establish healthy customer relationships. Convert grievances into opportunities and maintain your customer’s dedication to your business.

A complaint is an opportunity in disguise! This course equips you with strategies for resolving complaints in an emphatic way that creates win-win scenarios that get everyone’s needs met in the process. Employ a process that converts your customer’s complaint into an opportunity to build your customers devotion to your service.

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Why is this important?

To provide consistently excellent customer service it is vital to maintain an open mind and a willingness to help and go the extra mile. Yet even with the best intentions, severe service break downs can occur. In this course, you will learn how to manage chaotic and stressful situations, how to scan for the unmet needs to be met and how a well-handled complaint can turn into the best endorsement for your business.

How is this helping you? 

With the enhanced conflict resolution abilities, you’ll reinforce your service reputation by consistently serving your customers needs mindfully – even if your customer was unaware they were motivated by that need to begin with.

You’ll understand how to manage emotions in chaotic and stressful situations, and maintain a mindful attitude no matter the circumstance. Notice a higher customer retention rate as your customers feel a more prominent sense of gratitude and devotion.



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