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Public Speaking Toolbox Talks


What is Included?

  • Six hours of one on one consultations
  • Work manual
  • In app support
  • Practical training
  • Online seminar (optional)

Toolbox Talks are informal group discussion that focus on a particular safety issue. These communication tools can be used daily to promote and increase your departments safety culture as well as to facilitate health and safety discussions on job sites and improve safety for everyone.


411000 in stock

411000 in stock

Public Speaking

Why is this important?

Studies have found that workplace related accidents and disasters are a result of a breakdown in an organization’s policies and procedures that were established to deal with safety, and that the breakdown flows from inadequate communication about safety issues by employees. To avoid this in your organization competent toolbox talks are a must.

How is this helping you? 

A good safety culture can be promoted by senior and junior management right down to the casual worker and contractor commitment to safety. Finding realistic communication practices for handling hazards through conversation will guarantee continuous organizational learning, and care and concern for hazards shared across the workforce.

What’s involved?

What will happen if an effective health and safety attitude permeates deep into your companies safety culture? The beliefs, perceptions, and values of your employees in relation to risks within your organization would align to aim at one goal, better performance and that can be measured on your bottom line.



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