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Public Speaking Podcasting


What is Included?

  • Ten hours of one on one consultations
  • Work manual
  • In app support
  • Practical training
  • Online seminar (optional)

When was the last time you listened to a podcast? Podcasts are a fantastic way to engage your audience but, how do you do it right and stand out when the market is already saturated with podcasts of all kinds?


411000 in stock

411000 in stock


Why is this important?

Talking on stage is one thing, speaking into a microphone with no feedback from an audience is quite another. Knowing how your voice, the questions you ask and the stories you tell makes the difference will give you the ability to influence your audience from anywhere in the world.

How is this helping you? 

Being able to influence your audience remotely is a wonderful skill to have, you can apply this knowledge to more than just podcasting but also videos and other media. The skill to create content and deliver with the right zest will change how you communicate in all areas of life.

What’s involved?

The number one challenge when podcasting is that you must connect with your audience. This Podcast training will give you the delivery tools needed to be with your audience remotely. From designing content to delivery techniques, this training will set you up to stand out.


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