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Public Speaking Interview Skills


What is Included?

  • Six hours of one on one consultations
  • Work manual
  • In app support
  • Practical training
  • Online seminar (optional)

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Nowhere is this truer than in interviews, so it pays to know how to balance contentment and confidence and blend it into an authentic and welcoming first impression that is worth remembering while leaving your shaky nerves at the door. This course will allow you to do just that and more.



Why is this important?

Being able to confidently express yourself in an authentic and influential manner is not just useful for interviews but also in meetings or other social situations. The ability to actively listen to what is being asked and seeing the motivation behind the question will enable you to respond in a concise and succinct way that will wield influence no matter where.

How is this helping you? 

Once you have learned and understood how you respond in high pressure situations and what to do to remain emotionally and mentally capable your options have become limitless. The gift of being confident and comfortable in uncomfortable situations will allow you to strive forward not just in your career but in your personal life as well.

What’s involved?

Possessing the ability to control your emotional responses, following complicated questions or tasks easily while remaining capable is not a gift but a learned ability. This course will give you the tools you need to be more confident and comfortable when you are under the microscope. From learning the effective use of body language to dealing with multi-layered questions and controlling your nervous system proactively, this course will allow you to be the star.


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