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Public Speaking for Video and Vlogging


What is Included?

  • Ten hours of one on one consultations
  • Work manual
  • In app support
  • Practical training
  • Online seminar (optional)

You can’t get around being on camera these days, zoom meetings, webinars or small to large explainer video are now part and parcel of everyday professional life. This training will allow you to work the camera in a engaging and captivating way.



Why is this important?

It takes more than just being able to talk to hold an audience, not many Youtubers can say that they do this effectively as you might have experienced. Being able to keep your audience interested is elemental to the success in video and vlogging.

How is this helping you? 

Once you can design and delivery content in an engaging way the sky is the limit for any other conversation you will ever have. If you can master the art of influencing without an audience present imagine what you can do if you have an audience!

What’s involved?

Being a great public speaker with an audience is one thing, being a great speaker without audience is another. This training will give you the engagement tools and techniques you need to come across professional, knowledgeable, and authentically influential.


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