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Dealing with Work stress effectively

What’s involved?

Working in today’s demanding climate can interfere heavily with your state of mental health. The many everyday trials, big and small, you encounter can easily raise your stress levels to dangerous levels, so it’s essential to learn how to manage stress effectively. People who can manage their stress levels adequately, and can conserve an optimistic outlook are far more likely to accomplish their objectives without blowing a gasket or worse their career or relationships.

This course explores mindful strategies for handling stress more effectively on your physical, emotional and mental levels. Learn how to work with colleagues and partners to create a less tiring work environment. Explore ways to convert negative energy into positive opportunities!


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Why is this important?

High levels of stress have the potency to break people, teams and achievements without regard. With a substantial understanding of stress dynamics and how to regulate them, you are in the position to have a positive effect on the outcome and support others to do the same.

How is this helping you? 

You’ll be combat-ready to face the demands of high-intensity work environments in more equanimous ways. This course is designed to approach and phase-out your high-stress levels through increased self-awareness and effective management strategies.




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