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Building culture

What’s involved?

Companies are twisting themselves into knots to empower and connect with their employees. They’re apprehensive about the dire state of engagement, and rightly so, given the mistrust that is alive in organisations. So it’s clear that creating an employee-centric culture can only be good for business and it’s people. But how do you do that effectively? Culture is typically created in an ad hoc way that often in thrall to some psychological fad. And despite the evidence that you can’t buy or force higher job satisfaction, while such efforts might boost workplace happiness in the short term, they fail to have any lasting effect on talent retention or trust-building.

A relationship grounded in trust spawns credibility and respect, which births a harmonious culture of equality and autonomy. Employees perform better in a trusting environment, but how do you know whether your workforce is operating with full confidence in one another. This course follows a process for cultural growth valuable for leaders at any level to spot and defuse mistrust and adopt actions to renewing trust and healthy engagement.


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Why is this important?

When you know the quintessential communication techniques for building and maintaining growth and trust, you’ll be able to work more effectively with others within and across your organization or community.

How is this helping you? 

Building a healthy culture that consistently leads to positive outcomes for both individuals and organizations can only be a win-win. The rewards include higher productivity, better-quality products and services, and increased profitability. This course will ensure that your relationships are based on mutual trust, credibility, and respect, enabling you and your team to move forward together to make great happen.




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