Why your presentation may fall short

Why your presentation may fall short Public speaking brisbane
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Why your presentation may fall short

Why your presentation may fall short

Have you ever presented your ideas in a meeting only to find that your words are going unheard? All-to-often the way we present our ideas can fall short because your delivery is not tailored to the room or you are missing the key ingredients that make your presentation impactful.

However, picture this for a moment, what if your message would have an even deeper impact than you could have wished for because you are using key engagement techniques? How would the room be reacting differently? How would that make you feel and, how would that change your professional pathway in the long term?

We want to help you make the changes you deserve to lift your public speaking game so here are two crucial keys to engagement to get you started:

1. Tell more stories – people love a story, and every fact that comes wrapped in a story is easy to take on board and harder to argue with. So spice up your public speaking presentation with details that allow your audience to bring your words to life in their imagination.

2. Ask more open questions, questions compared to a statement have much more impact on the thinking mind of your audience because a question allows your audience to reach their own conclusions without being told what to think, and this feel empowering.

But we can’t do it alone, we need you to help you, and we are looking forward to helping you to lift your speaking game by upskilling your most crucial ability of all, communication.

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