February 25, 2015

Meet Tim

Based in Brisbane, Tim Tettenborn born in Germany is the creative director of MindCom –the method and accredited communication coach providing useful communication training to corporate executives, large to medium and small businesses/teams and private individuals.

Tim has been in the service of Corporations such as Shell and Westpac as well as Lawyer firms and Tech companies throughout Australia, Business coaches and Doctors. Tim has assisted couples to rebuild their marriages and lead people out of depressions or helped them to overcome their fear of public speaking with ease.

Tim is the founder of MindCom – the mindful communication method, which offers programs for those wanting to increase their communication skills that gets everyone’s needs met, in meeting rooms or on and off stage in intimate and family conversations networking events or internal teams or with clientele.

Tim has over 15 years of experience in the international communication and service industry and is absolutely committed to excellence and achieving results when working with clients.  

Tim’s coaching practice is committed to providing first-class confidential service to his clients by assisting them to find new ways of becoming more effective communicators with a passion for connection, relationship building and personal and professional growth. Tim understands the crucial role communication coaching plays in the development and reinforcement of high-performance strategies to maximize results efficiently and consistently.

► Tim assists individuals and teams in creating and achieving:

  • Confident public speaking skills
  • Leadership development
  • Team communication
  • Staff/team development
  • Customer service development
  • Change management and workplace culture
  • Enhancing sales/work performance
  • Overcoming limiting believes
  • Conflict management
  • Overcoming relationship issues
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Empathy and connection
  • Mindful living


► Interested to know more?
Call: ☎ 0407 169 690
Email: ✉ info@mindcom.com.au