Peaceful Communication – how to create a relaxed space for healthy conversation


October 27


10:00 am - 04:00 pm



Paley St. & Branton St

Kenmore Hills, 4169

Do you think and act with your head or your heart?

We all make about 70,000 decisions a day, over 90% of those choices are made habitually on an unconscious level in autopilot mode. We decide whether or not we are moving toward pleasure and away from pain relying on our “gut feeling”. Meditation offers a space to develop healthy relationships with yourself, your thoughts, emotions and your intuition, so that you can make decisions mindfully and confidently while simultaneously honoring your needs and respecting others.

Meditation is not just taking place on your meditation pillow in a calm room with a candle burning while your mind is running at 100 miles per hour. Meditation is also your present space awareness of now. In the safety and relaxation of your meditation, you are practicing and rehearsing for life itself. We tend to our inner life with the same skills needed to show up more fully for life and all our relationships. Meditation is as much about taking time for rest and catching up with yourself as it is about the ability to make wise choices moment-to-moment, and to navigate the inevitable challenges of life with more ease and confidence. You just have to find the right style of meditation that suits your nature!

Communicating your needs, desires and decisions happens more effectively from a space of relaxation and clarity and helps you to build the bridges to your life of choice with more peace, better relationships and zest for life. Having a comprehensive set of communication and meditation tools in you ‘toolkit’ sets you up for more healthy conversations and more happy days ahead.

Emma Baker and Tim Tettenborn invite you to level up your communication skills and develop a healthy meditation practice in this full day workshop. We’ll also enjoy a delicious, healthy organic lunch.

This workshop will cover:

  • The 4 pillars of mindful communication
  • Brain biology, how we make decisions and how stress can affect our ability to have healthy conversations
  • Skills and practices for navigating challenging conversations and situations with confidence and grace
  • How to tune into your body’s innate intelligence to dissolve stress and tension in your physical body
  • How to cultivate inner spaciousness to thrive in a world that can leave us feeling small and contracted
  • How to reconnect and nurture your instincts that guide our basic needs in life
  • Skills and techniques to improve emotional awareness and emotional intelligence
  • How to create space and objectively drive a conversation forward
  • How to build bridges instead of burning them and build long term trust

We are looking forward to creating this space within you with you so you can commuincate great and connect with anyone around more mindfully and feel good about the world you create!

Em & Tim

Early bird pricing: $109 (ends October 12)

Full price (from 13 October ): $131

Concession Rate (for valid concession card and disability pension card holders): $80