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143 Charlotte Street

143 Charlotte Street

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People don’t buy goods and services. People buy relationships, stories and magic. How do you present yourself when you are in meetings and conversation? Are you confident and influential? Do you connect authentically on a level of trust and value? Or are you trying to impress or even worse have never even thought about how you are being perceived? If you are unsure then you are jeopardizing your bottom line.

Relationships and positive influence are the key component to success. In this 2 hour training workshop we will share with you how to identify the underlying motivational needs that drives actions. You’ll learn how to turn perceived judgement into profitable leads. You will learn the psychology of building great relationships and how to maintain a healthy communication that produces the outcome you desire with your customers and staff alike.

Everything you have accomplished up to this point is build on the quality of your relationships. The relationship with your colleagues your staff your friends your partner your kids yourself and even the next door neighbor. The quality of your relationships determines how successful you will be.

The training is set up to avoid death by power point. It is part theory and part practical that intertwine so you can get the most from your invested time and can apply what you have learned right away.

Tim will deliver the training. Tim has been teaching the mindful communication method for the past 7 years and has worked with companies such as  Westpac, Shell, Men’s Wellbeing, Crypto news Australia, Bird proofing Australia  and many more helping them to connect with anyone, anywhere in a way that gets everyone’s needs met.

At the end of the two hours you will have learned how to identify the underlying motivation of people and relate to it, how to turn this motivation into an asset for you and how to deliver your message respectfully to build relationship on trust and value.