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Why body language is the key to success

How do you make a connection with others right from the get-go? Making the right connection and building good rapport can be tricky especially when you are without immediate feedback in front of an audience, as a public speaker or …

Why your presentation may fall short Public speaking brisbane

Why your presentation may fall short

Why your presentation may fall short Have you ever presented your ideas in a meeting only to find that your words are going unheard? All-to-often the way we present our ideas can fall short because your delivery is not tailored …

Breaking Perception

Breaking Perception

Last night my partner and I had dinner at a friend’s place and after with self-made apple crumble in hand, we sat down to play overcooked. A fun PlayStation game for kids and adults alike as we found out. The …

3 steps to improve your public speaking skill

3 steps to increasing your public speaking skills

No one is born with the ability to speak in confidently in public or virtual meeting rooms alone with a camera trying to make magic happen. Let me take you back to the trigger experience that caused me to lift …