3 easy steps to confidence

3 easy steps to confidence!  

Being confident is not easy, unless you know how to do it. Confidence is the key to most of your goals but how do you get confident?

Getting confident is easier then you might think. Here are three easy steps you can follow to get your confidence up in no time. Let’s break it down.

Step 1: Face your fears. There is no substitute for courage. Get out of your comfort zone and stretch yourself. Once you begin to feel uncomfortable in a situation know that you are increasing your confidence although it does not feel like it just yet. Stick with it and get comfortable within the moment and embrace step two.

Step 2: Embrace conflict. Not in a way of seeking conflict and starting a fight but rather not shying away from the discomfort that difficult conversation or situation bring. Remember that conflict can easily arise even within you there is no need for another person to feel conflict or conflicted. Simply having to make a difficult decision can cause conflict at times. No matter if it is only your mind or other people that cause you conflict, the key is to remain courageous calm and in control of yourself using step three.

Step 3: remain within the bounds of your body. Avoid being side tracked by your mind and external events. Staying calm under pressure is an inner quality that can be trained. Breathing here is tremendously helpful. Most people don’t breathe correctly even in everyday life, let alone when the pressure is on.  Repeated deep belly breaths keep your system working functionally while your attention remains in the present body not in your mind entertaining fantasies.

Try these three steps but remember, it is a process more than a one-two-step actions plan. Set yourself a timeline of 2 – 3 months of working these 3 confidence steps and see the difference. As a tip I recommend you keep a video diary to measure your confidence growth process.

To stretch yourself some more I encourage you to try out public speaking classes, dancing classes or simply putting yourself out of your comfort zone whichever way you choose.