Turn Anxious to Awesome – Transformation Day


Presenting in front of a group of people?
Nervous because your networking pitch is not good enough?
Giving a wedding speech?
Getting ready for a important job interview?
Hosting a networking event?
Needing more confidence when speaking with people?
Are you foreign to the language and need to build skill?

Express yourself to impress others and take your presentation skills to the next level! The purpose of this workshop is to develop your ability to fearlessly speak in public and take you from anxious to awesome.

Be this as a sales person or running a meeting, giving a weeding speech or nail an important interview or when presenting in front of groups and networking events anywhere.

This systemized interactive hand’s on speaking training set is specifically designed to enhance your mental confidence and body control to express yourself in a way that leaves a lasting positive impression on your listener or audience.
Success and confidence is not something that comes natural but it is a learned skill that is giving you the strength you need in life and on stage.

The crucial difference in this workshop is that you will learn with fun and laughter in a closed and personal small group setting that focuses on you and your unique challenges.
And as additional bonus you receive a blueprint to help you replicate success and build a 30 minutes presentation any time in less than 5 minutes. Key leanings:

How to capture you audience’s attention and keep it!
How to be confident and present with flair and energy!
How to give your audience what they want!
Hoe body language works and how to speak it confidently!
How to control the energy in the room!
How to turn self-sabotage into success!
How to be memorable!

Hurry ONLY 5 seats available RSVP now spots are limited!

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