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Soulmate Dating Program

Ideal for men who want to attract the other sex and connect with meaning to build a relationship.

Program overview

The Soulmate Dating Program is designed to find your soulmate and build an open transparent and trustworthy relationship. To communicate mindfully you want to consciously understand the dynamics and strategies that shape your unique relationship with your significant other. Throughout the program you will learn the various techniques and triggers for effective needs based communication to meet that special someone and grow your threshold of emotional intelligence and ability to read the other applying the techniques of the Mindful Communication Method (MCM).

This program is specifically laid out to equip you with the skills to communicate productively with compassion and empathy and improve your most cherished relationship through an increased understanding of human nature and emotional dynamics of the mind.

This program is ideal for:

This course will benefit single men that are struggle to find right grove and loners to get away from the habitual responses and learn to love and appreciate the other sex and connect with meaning.

What you will learn

  • Understand mindful communication and how you can adapt it to attract your significant other.
  • Clear limiting believes and become fearless in your interaction with the other sex.
  • Understand the biology of dating and leverage human nature.
  • Empower, tantalize and reward your significant other with your presence.
  • Make the power of habit your force of seduction.
  • Understand the relativity of perception and meaning and leverage it to your desire.
  • Learn how to continuously overcome fear of rejection and turn it into confident.
  • Easily identify and clear barriers to communicate most effectively.
  • The 6 ways to murder your approach and kill your connection. (WHAT NOT TO DO)
  • Develop positive outcome focused language patterns that enrich motivation and connection.
  • Learn how to truly listen to hear what is not being said. (cut through the verbal fog)
  • Develop needs base question and reflection techniques that help to build attraction.
  • 7 Bridges of Mindful Communication to connect with your date more meaningful.
  • Understand the impact of verbal and non-verbal language has and get the message right.
  •  Learn the magic formula to make her want you.

Topics covered in this program

Identify your desire

Identify what you are looking for and become clear on what it is that you truly want to be happy in a relationship. Find your ideal woman.

Internal communication and relativity of meaning

Understand the dynamic brain biology that underlies all perception including your own. This enables you communicate on a meaning based platform helps to build stronger, more trusting relationships.

Physical aspects of communication and the nervous system

In this part we understand how human biology can help you to create space and find common ground to navigate even the most difficult approach in the most challenging environment with ease and confidence.

Barriers to connecting with harmony

Minimize your barriers and improve your communication with your significant other by knowing how to create space for expression and follow your pitch step by step to create your desired outcome. 

Effective listening skills

Break out of old automatic habits from past relationships or dating experiences and develop new ways to implement the 2 key techniques of effective mindful listening to hear what is meant but not necessarily verbally spoken.

Why what you say without saying anything is the key element

Understand the impacts and body language and tonality that shape the majority of your message.

Why nonverbal communication is so important and how to read and speak it

Discover the full extent to which nonverbal communication affects the receiver’s interpretation of your messages.

Rejection handle

Learn how to handle rejections effectively and follow through with your approach by using the rejection loop in a respectful and enjoyable manner.

Develop 7 bridges of mindful communication to connect with more meaning

Learn the seven bridges on how to create and open space to give, receive and reflect messages playfully. Practicing open, closed, and clarifying questions, and learn to frame questions and statements appropriately to get the best flow within your conversation and remain non-judgmental and on point.

How and what you say matters

Build your awareness of the impacts and prevalence of positive and influential language within your environment and practice choosing the right phrases so you can use language to playfully influence your beautiful date.

How to be emotionally mindful

Understand the emotional dynamics that underlie all communication and build a reservoir of harmony and feel good vibes.

How to set yourself  up for success

Learn how to deliver your message and plan your delivery to give you the most likely chance to being seen as the alpha male she wants to have. Create your own fail-safe mechanism by opening the floodgates of connection and intimacy.

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