EPSP – Effective Public Speaking Program

All the great speaker were bad speakers first!

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EPSP – Effective Public Speaking Program

Program overview

Effective Public Speaking Program helps you to deliver your message with power and confidence to hit all perception points of your audience and to give them an experience and not a lecture. To speak most influentially you want to consciously understand the triggers and perceptions that shape the way your messages is received.

This will require you to develop and grow your self-awareness mindfully and give you control over your energy output and its effect on the “room”. This program is specifically designed to equip you with the skills and strategies to deliver messages with confidence and engagement and improve your ability to paint a picture in your listeners mind through an increased understanding of yourself and others.


This program is ideal for:

Speakers, networkers, business owner’s leaders and managers from a variety of backgrounds, industries and skill levels who wish to improve their professionalism in delivering a message from stage or in meetings attain a higher level of effective Public speaking skills.

What you will learn

  • How to become a fearless speaker/presenter and confidently “own” a room.
  • How to give an experience to your listener’s perception and deepen your message.
  • How to speech write most effectively ( write a 15 min presentation in 2 minutes)
  • Understand the relativity of perception and meaning and how to leverage it.
  • Learn how to continuously guide your audience’s attention to create experience.
  • The magic formula for conversational success
  • Build access to your creative mind and always find the “right” thing to say.
  • Develop positive outcome focussed language patters.
  • Leverage the use of important metaphors, keywords and phrases.
  • Learn how to set your talk up for a successful delivery.
  • Understand the impact of verbal and non-verbal language can have on others.
  • Deliver messages in a meaningful way that is easy to take on board.
  • Develop your stagecraft.

Topics covered in this program

Internal communication and relativity of meaning

Understand the brain biology that underlies all perception including your own to communicate on a meaning based platform and help your audience to build stronger connections to the speaker.

Physical aspects of communication and the nervous system

In this part we understand how your physical presence can help you to fearlessly express even the most difficult message in the most challenging environment with ease.

Fearless confidence

Minimise your negative emotions by using your biology to work for you not against you.

Effective speech writing

Learn how to write a speech or presentation in less time than it takes to deliver it.

Develop your unconscious ability to connect the dots mindfully

Learn how to use your inborn ability to string together any train of thought to bring your point across effortlessly with an air of easy for your listeners experience.

Why what you say without saying anything is it is a key element

Understand the impacts and body language and tonality that shape the majority of your message.

Why nonverbal communication is so important

Discover the full extent to which nonverbal communication affects the receiver’s interpretation of your messages.

How to pitch perfect

Build your awareness of the impacts and prevalence of positive language within the right timing and pitch choosing the right phrases and key wording so you can use language to influence people’s emotions and actions for a engaging presentation.

How to be emotionally mindful

Understand the emotional dynamics that underlie all communication and make your audience experience your talk mentally, emotionally and physically.

How to set yourself up for success

Learn how to deliver content and plan your delivery to give you the most likely chance to understand and being understood. Create your own failsafe mechanism.

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