Internal Dialog

Changing internal conversation changes everything!

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Internal Dialog 

Ideal for people with depression, anxiety, anger or other negative thought patterns.

Program overview

The Internal Dialog Program helps you to poise your mind and get clear on your inner mental and emotional dynamics and allow you the opportunity to change your habitual thinking patterns easily and effectively.

Realign with your values and navigate ideas and problems more productively to reach a breakthrough in attitude and inner dialog to manage yourself more effectively in everyday life as well as challenging situations with calm empathy and confidence.

Understanding the “voices in your head” gives you the ability to better communicate with your inner self if you want to call it that. This will help you achieve peace of mind and a state of poised happiness unknown to most.

This program is specifically designed to equip you with the skills to regulate and manage your thought traffic and emotional responses more effectively while increasing the quality of inner dialog to become more self-confident and compassionate in a state of self-aware presence, allowing you to adjust your velocity and direction for the future.


This program is ideal for:

People with anxiety anger sadness or sense of nervousness people wanting to be more confident or caring. As well as people who do not like themselves very much at times and wanting to change that.

What you will learn

  • How your brain creates experiences and gives meaning
  • How your brain communicates with your conscience
  • The principle of presence
  • The 4 levels of conscious creation
  • How the body speaks and how to make it talk with kindness
  • How to set direction and create healthy mental dynamics
  • The 5 levels of effective listening
  • The 7 bridges of mindful communication
  • Value authentication to build a way forward that represents you and your way of life
  • The difference between needs and wants
  • How to create a emotional reality to create what you strive for
  • How to create change effortless and consistently


Topics covered in this program

Internal experience and relativity of meaning

Understand the brain biology that underlies all perception and communicate on a meaning based platform.


Physical aspects of communication

In this part we understand how your physical biology can help you communicate even the most difficult message in the most challenging environment with ease and calm.


Principle of being present (PSM)

Gain control over past and future thinking with present state management and never get caught out again sacrificing the present moment for imagined events but remain in your center of presence and power.


The conscious levels creation

The brain is the most complex organ in the known universe. Four levels of systematic and easy to understand steps to help you to lift your mind from the unconscious fog and break though old habits.


Create direction by setting landmarks

If we don’t know where we are going we end up somewhere else. Knowing what you stand and strive for is ultimately what motivates you to achieve your goals. Know the difference between values, vision and goals and formulate them clearly.


Why what you say without saying it is a key element
Understand the impacts of body language and tonality that shape close to 90% of your present being. Self awareness is a key pillar for becoming self empowered. Learn how to speak without talking.


Why internal chatter is so important

Build your awareness of the impacts and prevalence of language patterns and their emotional quality within your internal environment and practice choosing the right phrases and patterns so you can use the power of language to influence your emotions and actions.


How to be emotionally mindful

Understand the emotional dynamics that underlie all internal communication and make your present moment a meaningful full body experience.


How to set a vision for the future

Learn how to use your creative stream of consciousness to build a strong emotional and visual reality of what it is that you do want and see the natural creation of this in real time patiently and progressively.


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