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Your customer does care how much you know until they know how much you care!

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Service and Sales Program

Ideal for companies looking to increase their image and reputation.

Program overview

The Service and Sales Program is designed on the basis of building open friendly and engaging relationships that enrich your business and your customer’s experience. To be in service means identifying and deliver with excellence to your customers needs.

The Mindful Communication Method (MCM) helps you and your team to understand your customer on a deeper level and to use this new found understanding of needs based to build bridges where there is dissatisfaction to give your customer true value. Applying these MCM techniques and strategies will give your team more self- confidence and self-awareness around the impact of communication and increase your people skills to give your customer the satisfaction they want and expect.

This program is specifically laid out to equip you with the skills to communicate mindfully with confidence and empathy and improve your workplace relationships through an increased understanding of the human nature and give you the ability to leverage perception and to smooth out differences easily and effectively in a way that gets everyone’s needs met.

This program is ideal for:

This course will benefit service businesses, sales consultants from variety of backgrounds, technical teams and call centers, hospitality staff and anyone that is in the people and service industry.

What you will learn

  • Biology of conversation and the emotional dynamics which govern it.
  • Collaborate with confidence and build strong and cohesive relationships.
  • Empower and trust your customer to make the right choice.
  • Understand the relativity of perception and meaning and how to leverage it to find solutions.
  • Learn how to keep a strong connection to your customer and their needs.
  • Easily identify and clear barriers to communicate most effectively.
  • The 5 ways to lose a customer and what not to do.
  • Develop positive outcome focused language patterns that enrich your customers experience
  • Learn the 5 stages of listening and hear the indented message clearly. (cut through the verbal fog)
  • Develop needs base question and reflection techniques that address needs not wants and know the difference
  • 7 Bridges of Mindful Communication and how to find common ground
  • Understand the impact of verbal and non-verbal language has on others and get the message right.
  • 6 keys to meaningful interaction and how to influence thought dynamics in others
  • Negotiate and communicate ideas and solutions by using going the moving forward without advancing technique.


Topics covered in this program

Internal communication and relativity of meaning

Understand the dynamics of brain biology that underlies all perception including your own and how emotions govern behavior. This enables you communicate on a meaning based platform and helps you to build stronger, more trusting relationships.

Physical aspects of communication and the nervous system

In this part we understand how human biology can help you to create space and find common ground to navigate even the most difficult conversation in the most challenging environment with ease.

Barriers to communication

Minimize your barriers and improve your communication with others by knowing how to harness confidence using empathy to build bridges of understanding. Seek to understand fist, then seek to be understood.

Effective listening skills

Break out of old automatic habits and develop new ways to implement the five key techniques of effective mindful listening to hear what is meant but not necessarily said.

Why what you say without saying anything is it is a key element

Understand the impacts of the use of silence and creating space for expression to build on your listening skills.

Why nonverbal communication is so important

Discover the full extent to which nonverbal communication affects the receiver’s interpretation of your message. Understand the effects of body language and tonality that shape the majority of your message and how to leverage the non verbal aspect to establish connections. (even if you are not face to face)

Develop the 7 bridges of Mindful Communication

Learn to build seven bridges on how to create and open space to give, receive and reflect messages most effectively. Practice using your own custom made questions and learn to frame questions and statements appropriately to get the best flow of information.

How and what you say matters

Build your awareness of the impacts and prevalence of positive language within your environment and practice choosing the right phrases so you can use language to influence people’s emotions and actions.

How to be emotionally mindful

Understand the emotional dynamics that underlie all communication and capitalize on your customers non verbal signs.

How to set the right environment

Learn how to deliver messages and solutions in a space that gives you the most likely chance to understanding your customer’s needs and be understood by your customer. Create your own fail-safe mechanism with the mindful communication method.

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