From anxious to awesome – mini public speaking workshop


Sick and tired of trembling nerves every time you are called to speak in public?

Public speaking is a fear we all face on a daily basis in meetings, networking’s, interviews or wedding speeches, even on dates. Anywhere that involves people and speaking the same fears show up. But is reality as it seems? Mindfulness helps!

In this mini workshop I will share with you:

the most common misconceptions about public speaking and it’s antidote.
the biology behind successfully speaking in public.
and 3 fun exercises to put your new knowledge to the test and a chance for you to gain experiential knowledge in a supportive environment.

If you don’t address this challenge now it will just fester into a problem down the line…that’s the truth.

What others have said:

Paul: I did not know how powerful mindfulness can be in speaking or that I could use this technique for my businesses.
Sarah: this has helped me to understand why I feel nervous and why I don’t have to be nervous and what I can do about it.
Steve: I have spend years in my mind thinking of reason to not do it, turns out most of those reasons did only exist in my mind, feel do much better for just doing it.

So make sure to come along and bring a friend for support, all participants will be speaking in front of a group of supportive people who are motivated by their willingness to learn and have fun!

Remember, if you are laughing you are learning!

Speak to you soon!

Tim from MindCom – home of the mindful communication method

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