Thursday Night’s Public Speaking Training Night


May 16


07:00 pm - 08:30 pm

Event Tags:

Confidence, leadership, public speaking brisbane, Relationship


Paddington Hall (Annexe)

10 Morton Street

Paddington, QLD, Australia, 4064

Organizer’s note:

We are very grateful for the massive interest that our events generate; unfortunately our inner city venue only holds up to 20 people. Due to too people booking seats but not showing up and in doing so hindering the people who want to learn from securing a spot we are forced to add a booking fee to ensure the best outcome for those wanting to train and expand their public speaking skill set. Thank you kindly for your understanding.



Public speaking for the experienced and the terrified alike. Speaking in public is one of the most daunting experiences people can have, so I keep hearing. Negative emotions such as nervousness, anxiety to downright panic are common. This short but sweet event will give you the theoretical knowledge and practical approach to speaking confidently in public.


In this event Tim will share the secret of the mindful communication method and how you can use the 4 pillars to connect with anyone, anywhere and speak confidently and comfortably in presentations, meetings, interviews or give wedding speeches. We have ample time to practice in 3 easy exercises in which you can hone your skills in a safe and supportive environment.


Wouldn’t you love to be more confident? Not just in public speaking but in life in general? The why is so straight forward that that I rather ask you why not? Why not feel confident when you speak up? Why not radiate authenticity and integrity? Why not live and work without fear? Why not feel comfortable in your skin? And why not you?


Tim has created MindCom – home of the mindful communication method 7 years ago and since then he has helped countless people to let go of their fears and transform them into a comfortable confidence and ability to speak without fear in public and with each other. Following the motto compentently connect with anyone anywhere in a way that get’s everyone’s needs met.

Other important Info!

Since the parking restriction applies until 7pm we have shifted the starting time back to 7.15 for you to be able to get parking easily and avoid fines. If you are making your way using public transport the Ann street or Queen Street Mall Station is the closest stop.

As you enter the Charlotte building 143 follow the signs to the end of the corridor past the elevator, round the left corner and out the door across the small yard into the office upstairs. To avoid getting lost our friendly staff is there to give you a hand as well.

See you all there!

Cheers Tim