Speak with Confidence – FREE public speaking training


November 8 - 06:45 pm


October 26 - 08:30 pm


Gem Appelle Design Studio

10 Bailey Street

West End, QLD, 4101


Public speaking is one of the most daunting experiences people can have, hence people rather be inside the coffin than to give the eulogy, that’s a fact. Negative emotions such as nervousness, anxiety to downright panic are quiet common. IN this training event we will show you why these emotions are present, how to manage and leverage them for a more successful presentation. This event will give you the theoretical knowledge and practical approach to speaking confidently in public.


In this event Tim will share the secret of the mindful communication method and how you can use the 4 pillars to connect with anyone, anywhere and speak confidently and comfortably in presentations, meetings, interviews or give wedding speeches and thrive in job interviews. We have ample time to practice in 3 easy exercises in which you can hone your skills in a safe and supportive environment with fun and laughter. If laughing you’re learning!


Wouldn’t you love to be more confident? Not just in public speaking but in life in general? The why is so straight forward that that I rather ask you why not? Why not feel confident when you speak up? Why not radiate authenticity and integrity? Why not live and work without fear? Why not feel comfortable in your skin? And why not you why not now? 


Tim the founder of MindCom – home of the mindful communication method has been helping people for the last 7 years to let go of their fears and transform their challenge into a comfortable confidence and ability to speak without fear and become comfortable and confident.


10 Bailey Street West End.
There is free parking available on the road. And the 192 bus line will get you to Montague Rd only a stone throw away from the venue.