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Your mind is like money, a great servant but a horrible master. – Anthony Robbins

In today’s society money is the major player. Everything revolves around having or not having it. It decides what car you drive, what house you live in, where your kids go to school and where you spend your holidays down to where you fill your tank and buy groceries.

You ability to make and retain the cash governs your current life and evidently has a great impact on your future and looking around the future seems like a struggle of not enough.

The emotions that are connected to money are mostly worry and anxiousness, greed, fear, lack, pleasure or pain. Money stretches across entire bandwidth from the highest emotions of excitement to the deepest depths of depression. Money can be the cause of success or suicide.

So what is your story about money?

  • Once I have enough of it all will be well.
  • Money is the root of all evil.
  • I just need some more.
  • I never have enough of it.
  • The system stops me from having more.
  • I will never get out of debt.
  • I love having all this security.

Find out how you can create an emotional blueprint that will help you live happily ever after without worrying about money ever again.

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