How to read between the lines and know what other’s really think.


July 11 - 06:45 pm


June 22 - 08:00 pm


Gem Appelle Design Studio

10 Bailey Street

West End, QLD, 4101

Have you ever wondered what people really mean when they “say things”?

Let us show you how to hack this minefield of facts and fiction. With the tools of the mindful communication method you can easily cut through the fog of words to get down to what really is being said by hearing and seeing the hidden clues others give unconsciously by learning how to hear with a different set of ears.

This also or even more importantly gives you the chance to connect on a more meaningful level and build bridges rather than burning them.

If you want the tools to hack into the matrix of conversation for your relationship, work or pleasure you must come along to this free event!

See you there!