FREE public speaking TRAINING


August 23 - 06:45 pm


August 10 - 08:00 pm



Phone: 0407169690

Speak confidently in public! I can hear you say NO WAY or THAT’S HARD but hear me out.

This short and sharp training event has changed the lives of many people throughout the last years and it will change yours too. No matter if you need to speak in meetings, on stage, at networking’s or in interviews or if you are in sales.

This interactive hands on training provides a fun environment and will not only give you the tools tricks and techniques to speak in public confidently but also get’s you connected to many like minded people within the community and you grow your network of influence.

Seriously, don’t miss out and book your spot and be part of your evolution of confidence and character.

RSVP now and secure your place amongst change makers.

See you there, Tim from MindCom