Fearless Public Speaking – full day turnaround!


July 28


09:30 am - 05:00 pm



Email: info@mindcom.com.au Phone: 0407169690

Gem Appelle Design Studio

10 Bailey Street

West End, QLD, 4101

Have you ever wondered how it would be NOT to feel anxious anymore in when all eyes are on you?

So many people tell me that they get “nerves” when they are called on in meetings or have to go through important interviews or give wedding speeches.

Lack of confidence results mostly from not knowing how your body and biology can give you much need back up when you need it or what to do because of a lack of strategy.

You are a present being and can generate confidence and clarity instantly by using mindfulness as your weapon of choice against unwanted feelings of anxiety negative stress or fear of judgment and not living up to people expectations.

We have jam packed this full day workshop with strategies, tools and techniques that allow you to be fear free wherever you go and when you interact with whoever you meet in a way that is free from fear but filled with confidence and connection.

With years of experience Tim (the founder of MindCom) will help you to find the confidence within you. You will learn how your biology plays a vital role in creating confidence. You learn how to set yourself up for success and how to engage your audience big or small, in a way that has your listeners spellbound and make you forget about “nerves” altogether and much much more.

In this one day of laughter and leaning you will receive all the tools you need to never ever again feel inadequate or not good enough again.

What does the day look like?

  • Welcome and housekeeping – tea and coffee
  • What is mindfulness
  • Using the effortless tool
  • How does brain biology change attitude
  • Your flow stoppers explained and eliminated – overcoming fear
  • Practice session 1 – test the waters
  • Coach through your remaining fears
  • How to access your unlimited potential and mental capability
  • How to engage your audience
  • The magic formula
  • Practice session 2 – find your flow
  • Planning for success
  • Final practice 3 – put it all together

What are you waiting for? Let’s lose those fears today! Book now seats are limited small groups only.